Put multiple show/hide divs within another show/hide div in Javascript

I'm trying to create a code that will allow me to put a show/hide div inside of another show/hide div but when I click the second div (the show/hide div located inside of the other show/hide dive) it makes the other copied divs in the other colums collapse also and when I click the button the buttons that drop down from the first div it also makes everything else collapse. How do I make it so that it each column drop down individually when clicked and how do I make it so that when the buttons are clicked in the second div it makes another set of div buttons drop down? I'm new so go easy.

Setting Div position up on another content

I have a page content which have text in it. underneath the content, there is a navigator bar, and I would like that whenever I Hover one of the element in the navigator, a div will open up just above the element I have just hovered on, and show some content.

I don't want the DIV that will pop-up to push any object on the page, I would like it to be, like up on all of the objects on the page.

here's a fiddle to demonstrate:

Click here for fiddle

Scroll Bar and Borders (jsFiddle Provided)


Below is the link to jsFiddle, which shows the code that I am currently stuck with.


What i am trying to do is make the border-bottom of each name go right to the edge of the div. I then want the scroll bar itself not to be right up against the right hand side (Need like a padding-right of about 5px). I don't think this is such a big deal, but every time i change something, it just messes with my code.

I have attached an image of what i would like it to look like:

Thanks Guys!

[CSS+Javascript] Please Help to setup images in a page

Hey guys, I am in PHP
I have retrived this images on page..
Please help me to make CSS and Javascript to work as I needed

I have 9 horizontal big images in a row
30 small images

1) Big horizontal images should be displayed one at a time..or changes every 2 seconds..and it has to be at one place (where the first image is) (right now they are displaying all at once)

My Code for a Content Slider

Hey guys,
I work for this big company and have been tasked to create a content slider. I have all this wonderful code and my problem I can't figure out where the code goes!

If somebody could help with some troublshooting or steps, it would be greatly apperciated.

Smile HTML:

<div id="slideshow" class="slider"> 												
      <img class="fl" title="My NetWork" src='http://.../images/contentslider/ContentImage_90x90_01.jpg' /> 

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