Ipad background

I've created a site with a full screen background:


Unfortunately, it does not display well on ipad, can anyone give me any pointers as to what I've done wrong? I want the background to remain as it currently views on desktop in the event of a recode.

Thanks in advance


Some layout issues in IE and iphone/ipad

HI I have been working on a wordpress project and am having a few final issues with the css -

the url for the site is massescollective.com.au

The issues I am experiencing are -

In the post column the padding at the top of each entry is collapsing and writing an IE only style sheet with additional styling doesn't seem to be fixing it – the same goes for the headings on each individual post page


Problem with CSS, and iPads

I have a site LearningMeasure.com (http://www.learningmeasure.com).

Using CSS I have the header and footer always placed at the top and bottom of the window. When entering the site, controls appear in the lower footer, which is why I want it there.

It works in safari on a mac or pc, IE, and firefox. However, safari on the ipad, it shows on the bottom of the window, but then scrolls with the page.

Is there any way to fix this so the header and footer stay on the top and bottom on the iPad?

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