Major IE trouble - please have a look!

as I know IE is not a favorite to some and has definitely not been my ally. I'm wondering why my page render so weird in IE when it works perfectly in FF and Safari.

the page is
the css is at

Why aren't my background-images visible?
Why is the frame repeating and such?
Why is the menu black-ish? it sending IE into quirks mode or what...

I appreciate any kind of help!
you could also send me an e-mail at


Issue in IE 6/7/8

Hello everybody. New here and amazed to see such greatness in this stylish forum!

My question maybe simple. I have a page with government links. Each link have a tiny little icon at the end. Ex:

Government Entity X (Icon)
Government Entity Y (Icon)

Everything fine in Firefox and IE6/7/8... until I have a description that surpasses the normal viewing and cuts as a paragraph. Ex:

dfsdf sdfsd fsdf asfsdf asdf sadf asdf sdf sdf sda sdfsd fsdfsd sdf sdf sdf sdfsdf sdaf sdf sdfsdf sdf sdf sadf sadf sadf sdaf asd fasd f asdf sdf sadf asdf fasdf Entity Z (Icon)

Website shows in Firefox but not in IE8 - Please help!

Hi there,

I am desperate to sort this issue out, and I cannot see what the issue is.

The site seemed to work fine until the other day when I swapped the navigation at the top of the site for rollover images.

Since then, it seems to have stopped working!

I have tried to delete all of the script out that was responsible, and just replaced the navigation with simple image files again, but it doesn't seem to be working in IE8.

Can anyone please specify the exact cause?

I am a total beginner, and any help would be appreciated.


html5 website looks horrible in IE6,7,8 please help!(newbie)


huge THANK YOU to anyone who can help with his website: "".

i have tried all the layout fixes known for floated div bugs in IE ( display:inline; position :relative for the container element, etc etc) but NOTHING seems to work here.
the site just looks horrible in IE ( 6,7 AND Cool...

The users of the site are a complete opposite of geeks, some of them ont even know that there are other browsers, so I am fried ...


CSS intenet explorer problem/ questions??? ***HELP GUIDE***

I would like to say first that I solved the problem that I kept running into with I.E., but perhaps in the future I can do things better with my css coding. I'm more so looking for guidance by the pro's, let me know if I'm doing this right Wink

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