IE errors that most people aren't seeing

Hi, I am new to web design and have tried to get help but no one seems to be able to reproduce the error and or fix it. All of my pages except index.php load but have the following error message in IE8. I have tried on probably 10 different computers (all from different IP addresses and varying in age and operating system (XP, Vista, 7). I always get the error message but other people in other countries usually cannot reproduce the error.

My site is

and the error message I get is:

Webpage error details

WordPress Theme with IE 8 and IE 7 styling problems

I am working on a theme for a client and have added a custom header to internal pages on the site. They look great in everything but IE8 (content draws up under the header) and IE7 (content pushes below the header creating a gap).

I have tried everything I can think of and I can't seem to correct the errors. I'm sure it is something obvious, but I decided a second pair of eyes on it can't hurt.

The URL is

Any help is appreciated Smile

IE 7 Browser Incompatibility Issue?


Will someone please help me to fix an issue I am having with Browser compatibility?

When this site is viewed in IE 7 the logo image on the top left is partially hidden by the main image below it? This does not happen in IE 8 and above and sits on top of the main image below it when viewed with IE6 which isn't too bad really.

All other browsers view this page correctly?

Site address:

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


New York Smile

couple of browser problems

Here is my test link to a my portfolio I'm trying to finish up -

First problem is my images seem to distort or blob transition into focus. Most advanced sites I've seen where images usual appear starting from the top of the image to the bottom. Is something wrong with my script for images?

Second and biggest problem is centering in IE. My site is centered fine in all other browsers except for IE9 and older. Even my footer seems to be out of whack in IE. Can anyone help with either of these problems?

HELP! My HTML page showing different in Firefox and IE.

Hey! I really need some help, I'm getting desperate. I'm not good doing html or css. But I learn on the way and check tips and tricks from the net.

Now I've done a new layout for my blog, you can check it: and everything looks great in Firefox and Mac, but when I browse it in IE = internet explorer, it doesn't show the "sidebar" correctly, where I introduce myself and welcome my readers to the blog and theres also a small pic, instead of putting it on the left side the browser IE puts all the way up and pretty much in the middle.

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