Moving from taboes to css

Shock Hi All,
I am trying to move from tables to css on
Since the Google ranking is high i need to be careful. I have made a start but I get stuck on the positioning . Anyone out there who can help me out? I can pay a bit for the work that you do...

Kind regards, Barry

IE 6-8 not displaying image FF,Safari,Chrome do

I have an issue with an image that just doesn't show up in IE6-8 no matter what I do. I even tried just putting in the url for the image and it still wouldn't show it. I took it into Photoshop to make sure it was properly saved as a jpeg and it is.

The file validates (with some minor color warnings).

<a href="">page with problem</a>

and the photo alone is at <a href="" title="photo only">photo only</a>

What is creating this extra space!

Howdy all,

I've got probably the worlds simplest problem but I can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong.

I have a 3 column layout that is centered on the page, however if I don't make the outer div container width larger than the combined total of the inner div's then it seems to wrap around and makes a blank space under my inner div tags.

For example

Outer DIV
|Inner Div 1| Inner Div2 |Inner Div 3|
|(extra white space that isn't wanted! |

Centering Navigation Menu on top

I am just beginning to learn CSS. I've been reading so much but haven't been able to figure something out.
I have a top horizontal navigation bar here:
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

I would love to know how to balance out the entire thing. Right now, there's more than I want blue space after the last item on the right and very little before the first item on the left. Is there a way I can even out the whole nav bar? Any help sure would be appreciated. Here is the css file and html file. Thank you in advance.

/* CSS Document */
:active {

Gcalendar pushed out of area

I have a site,, done in joomla 1.5.13. I created the template with Artisteer 2.3. I have successfully put in a GCalendar component and it works.... except for one thing.

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