Any clues how to strip the WP default media player of all controls, autoplay and loop?

Hey how can I strip the WP media player of all controls, autoplay and loop?
I have the WP video player embedded in my Showit site using an iFrame.
Link to the page:

I can add custom CSS to my Showit site and HTML.


lightening strikes animation on webpage

hello, i need help;
ive used and basically copy pasted the code, but i need it to go over the whole page and i want to change the backround to invisible, so i basically only have the lightneing strikes.... can someone help me out?

Font that doesn't show properly.

Hi !

I'd like my site to use font-family Century Gothic. It works OK on my computer, but not on some others. Could you know why ?

* { margin:0; padding:0; line-height:3ex; font-family:'Century Gothic', 'Geo Sans Light'; }

Input Code

Hi All,

I will do my best to explain my issue as clear as i can. I own a shopify store and i'm trying to get some banners ( pagebreak )into my collection page. The idea is that page lay-out looks like this ( Mainimageheader, 9 Products, Pagebreak, another 9 products, pagebreak and so on. As far as i'm aware of the images are retrieved from the collection description page and they are stored in the Shopify CDN. With my little knowledge i think that the following script is responsible for the images;

/*Adding Mobile Collection Header from Description Box*/

CSS in Email template

Hi All,

I'm having issues with a template I had converted from Photoshop design to HTML.
The freelancer who coded it did not add the css inline. I asked why and they told me that this would affect the responsiveness of the template.

Is there any option to make a good responsive template of it?

Attached the files.

Really hope someone can help me..
Here is the template: (i can't attach it, appears there is something wrong with the attachments option)

Kind regards,


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