trouble with all CSS dropdown menu

I'm running into problems coding my personal site. I have header, then a dropdown navigation menu that changes content in a div below it, with a footer below. The problem happens when you choose an item in the menu and new art populates in the div below the screen jumps up and partially hides the header unless I fix the header--which messes up my mobile view (it's no longer zoom-able)

CSS Drop Down Menu Issues

Hi everyone,

I am working on this website:

I am trying to create a dropdown menu with relative, absolute positioning and with the 'visibility feature'.

The menu collapses on me as you can see. I have tried to set the 'li' tag with a class to make it the bed for my absolutely positioned dropdown menu but it does not work. I have spend several hours on this. I need help. Please.

Anyone can help?

Here's the HTML code that make the menu

				  <li><a href="#">Home</a></li>
				  <li><a href="#">About us</a></li>

Help with dropdown submenus

hello all!
im having trouble building the right menu i need, its a jquery lavalamp, with 3 level dropdown submenus,

ive found a lot of open source code out there but none really matched my needs, ive started modifying some of them but i always run into some problems.

im getting very close using the code found here

ive improved it if anyone is interested in using my version.

ive fixed the anoying queuing of dropdowns,

Dropdown menu possibilites

I'm including some images, because describing it may be futile.

Simply, I'm trying to create a menu with dropdowns that use background images that are called when hovered over. The background images would be extensions of the main menu image (color palette).

site-1.jpg or
site-2.jpg or

IE 8 issue with sub navigation dropdowns

Hey! I have a site at and when it is on IE8 the sub menu dropdowns. Sometimes, the sub menu text will appear and other times it wont!

I have been adding z-index to the CSS but it doesn't seem to help. I am unsure why on all the other browsers this works and only sometimes on IE8. It has been driving me nuts for a couple days. Any thoughts!?

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