Making tables vir Div and css

Good day,

I am trying to make a table using div and css only. My first table workd perfectly, My second table is not looking the way It should . I know it is something simple but after two hours I am still at a loss.

This is the link to the page i am working on

here is the html for both the tables

<div class="divTable1">
<div class="headRow">
<div class="divCell" align="center"><p>Companies</p></div>
<div  class="divCell" align="center"><p>EME</p></div>
<div  class="divCell" align="center"><p>QSE</p>

Man why cant i get Divs and CSS. Frustrated beyond belief !

I dont know whats wrong with me that I cant get working with divs and css. It seems ridiculously hard to do something so elementary easy! Im going bat*beep* crazy! Crap never lines up, confused on what to use when. Ive watched loads of youtube tutorial vids, most of what never answer any questions. Plus these tutorial noobs should just quit making fricken tutorials in the first place cause all they do is say click here, click this, then do that without ever explaining wtf it is they are doing and how it relates to anything. Damn frustrating.

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