List Style Image Help

Hi folks,

I have a question about List Style Images. I created a site that uses them in an unordered list as a drop down menu in the sidebar and the image I'm using for the bullet is 30px. It's quite a bit larger than the text that is being displayed next to it as the link for the page and the text displays at the bottom of the image. Is there anyway to correct it so that the text falls is aligned in the center of the image. Currently the sidebar list has different CSS than the rest of the lists in my site. Here is the CSS for this particular piece so far. Nothing extensive:

CSS Secondary Nav Bar Positioning

Hello, I hope someone can help.

I've probably made a huge mess out of my code but I've been using Wordpress and Artisteer on my site and I wanted to make a secondary navigation bar above my content and I did this, pretty successfully. BUT I basically had to rig it to look right but when viewed on different browsers and on phones the bar moves around.

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