help to align divs of different height

Hope someone can help me solve this issue. I am using yoo item module to create a product catalog on Joomla.
I need help aligning two divs of different height. In particular one div contains small preview images of products which vary in height and the other contains the title with the name of the product. The problem is that the two divs appear to align on the top, causing the list of product to appear uneven. I would like the images and the titles to be aligned horizontally so they always appear centered regardless of the height of the images.

CSS Alignment Issue


I am working with a wordpress theme that I did a lot of customization on. The website I am working on is

If you look at the website in Firefox, there is a slight shift in the background images of the 2 divs, but it appears to work fine in Chrome and IE. See attached screenshots.

Screenshots: 1. Firefox (Not aligned correctly) 2. Chrome (Looks fine)

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