Container Issues

Good afternoon!

I have an containment problem.

If you view the web page using a browser width more than 1200px, all looks well. However, if you scrunch the width to less than 1200px, the entire right-hand container disappears below the sidebar. The header and footer are behaving like they should.

What I'm trying to accomplish is a fixed-width (180px) sidebar and a scaling right-hand column.

With this in mind, I have two questions:

1: How do I fix the issue of the right-hand side dropping below the sidebar at less than 1200px?

header problems

Hello fellas,

please go to and advise me on how to shift the "Subscribe for deals" floating container to the left so that the left edge joins the right edge of the "Header"


site won't center...

Hello, everybody. I need help.
I've been trying to do the layout for this webpage in CSS, but A couple of things have been bothering me.
they both have to deal with centering my webpage.

you can see what I'm working with here, as I'll post the code if you need me to.

In any case, my first and biggest problem is that the site itself will not center, no matter what i do. I've used the usual CSS tag

{margin-left: auto; 
margin-right: auto;

Margin : Auto Container isn't centering

Dear Forum,

I've been busy for the past few hours trying to figure out some unknown problem I've encountered before in my experience with CSS.

The problem is as follows:
I have a container in which another div is contained called content. In the 'content' div all my web content will follow. The container div is there to make sure my webpage is aligned in the center.

In my html code it basically goes like this:

doctypes and declerations

content: bla bla bla


... The css code is:


Scaling a Div Backround Image not to exceed Containers Max-Width

What I am trying to do is have rounded edges on the bottom of one of my Divs, but the Div shrinks and expands depending on window size. However, my Divs background image never changes.

Here is my CSS:

html {
    min-width: 945px;
} /*IE7*/
body {
    color: #393733;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0 20px;
    text-align: center;
    background: #D9F3CF;
body, td, th, textarea, input, select, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    font: 83%/1.4 arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
a { color: #105CB6; cursor: pointer; outline: none !important; }
a:visited { color: #105CB6; }

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