Text Inline with Input Field?


Thank you for having a CSS forum for those of us who can become confused by all of these things at times! I am attempting to get the login page for our company to look like the following:


But am having an extreme amount of difficulty getting it to happen. Using the PHP/HTML:

    //1. Add a new form element...
    function myplugin_register_form (){
        $yearly_income = ( isset( $_POST['yearly_income'] ) ) ? $_POST['yearly_income']: '';

Proof of Concept to "3 column" layout

I found your website yesterday. Great, great resource! Please keep going!

I have developed a proof of concept web application that my contract owner would like to go live with. I have developed it with xhtml (strict) with jQuery middle ware and a bunch of static xml (2D/flat database) as a 'back-end'.

CSS Column Layout

This is really hard and I was wondering if anyone could please help me.
So below is what I want it to look like, and here is what it looks like in real life http://sarahcole.com.au/king/?page_id=63,
here is the glitch, it is a cms so you can never guarantee the height of the images nor can you add a class to each image or list.

Anything...I'm completely out of ideas and I am calling in any super powers.

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