Columns style works with everything but Chrome

In Safari and Firefox, by two-column setup works fine. In Chrome, is forces all content down the first column. The content includes an .swf file, which might be contributing to the issue. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

Here is my CSS style:

.columns2 {
    -webkit-column-count: 2; /* Chrome, Safari, Opera */
    -moz-column-count: 2; /* Firefox */
    column-count: 2;

Here is where I use it in my document:
	<div id="boxContent" style="margin-top:10px;">
    	<span class="PageHeading">Chunking for Congnitive Load</span>

Text columns with CSS

Hi there, I'm new here so take it easy on me! Smile

Ok so I'm trying to create 3 columns of text with css and thus far i've come across the following code:

.three-col {
       -moz-column-count: 3;
       -moz-column-gap: 20px;
       -webkit-column-count: 3;
       -webkit-column-gap: 20px;

and the html is like this:

Layout Issue

I am having trouble with a two-column layout on a page I am designing. Originally I tried with a right sidebar and everything worked fine. This can be seen here I then tried to swap to a left sidebar and the main content is not displaying until after the content of the sidebar. I am sure this is a simple CSS mistake in swapping the 2 sides, but if anyone can give me some pointers that would be great. Here is a link to the second attempt


3 column layout issue

so i'm having trouble making a 3 column layout on my site. the page in question is here:

i'm using a customized template, and here's what i've got in the text field in the backend:

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Help with my Columns

Hi There,
I am seeking a little help with my columns. I wish to have a fixed width left column and an auto sized right column. This way, on smaller screens my right column will shrink to fit the content.

I have tried a bunch of things, but nothing seems to work correctly. Any thoughts?

Thank You!

Here is my css code for my columns (also here:

#columns {
	width: 625px;
#columns .column {
	position: relative;
	padding: 0px;
	border: solid 0px #000;
#columns .left{

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