I can't seem to learn css box model and positioning

Okay, so I have read lots of online tutorials, watched youtube videos, even took some courses but I just can't seem to get past the css box model and positioning or at-least be able to use it to my advantage by building web layouts with it, even the very basic ones. I understand HTML really well but when it comes to positioning elements to create layouts I get completely lost. It's getting really frustrating.



i need to change the color of the border around the main picture on my site (http://www.rabeeatahir.com/). The color right now is white and i need to change it to #b5b5b5(gray) and need a css code

Also on this articles page(http://www.rabeeatahir.com/articles/) i need to do the same with all featured images and change their borders to #442625(purple) and need a code for custom css manager

Thanks a lot!

Kraft CSS Framework -Redefining the way of CSS Coding

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You can download the framework from
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You can download and use the framework freely in your own projects.

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