Centering a block of text inside a div is not working properly

Hi there:

I'm centering a block of text inside a div, it is working but I note that the result is not exactly centered, instead it is offset vertically by 2px aprox.

the code is this:

<div class="outer">
  <div class="inner"><p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</p>

How to vertical center div? - I'm trying to make nice vertical dividers

Hi everyone!

I am trying to vertically center divs inside another div, using:

position: relative;
vertical-align: middle;

But it's not working! Does anyone know why?

On this page: , I am trying to make the dividers - the vertical black lines - be vertically centered within the parent div.

You can see my code here:

<!doctype html>
		width: 300%;

Website not centering (too much extra space on the right)

Hi, everyone! I am designing a website in WordPress with the Thematic framework. I am having an issue that has not occurred before when using this theme for other sites that I created. The div does not center. If I use margin:auto, it moves away from the left but also adds space to the right side, which makes the web page WIDER. This is obviously not the look that I am going for. If I don't use margin: auto it is left justified. I did the code validation and worked through it. Nothing really jumped out as the reason. I used Firebug and nothing works.

site won't center...

Hello, everybody. I need help.
I've been trying to do the layout for this webpage in CSS, but A couple of things have been bothering me.
they both have to deal with centering my webpage.

you can see what I'm working with here, as I'll post the code if you need me to.

In any case, my first and biggest problem is that the site itself will not center, no matter what i do. I've used the usual CSS tag

{margin-left: auto; 
margin-right: auto;

Quick Question

How to Center a flash Object that is 1920px wide?? I want it centered with the background that is 1920x wide also. It seems to only line up with the page on the browser.

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