Help with centering images and input type="image" on page

I've been fiddling with this too long so asking for help getting the PayPal button and image centered on the page like the other elements. Here is a public version of the page I am testing:

position:fixed doesn't do its job

hello anyone, or perhaps even everyone....

About me: I am such a newbie, but am having such a great time learning about css its not even funny Wink

getting images to center??

What's the magic potion for getting images to center in css?
I have a short doc I'm creating for an email newsletter and I've inserted images with <img src=> and used align="center".
And I've also tried inserting the image as a background image in a style using mergin-left:auto: margin-right:auto: and inserting it with <div> tags
The first method inserted the image all the way to the left.
The second method didn't insert the image at all.
I've attached the doc in case anyone has the time to look it over.

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