I am trying to get all orange items to change in this button

Sad I have a css class setup for a button however I require all orange text and backgrounds to change on hover, can anyone help? asked in other forums but just got remarks on where i store the CSS, example is at https://teeseyed.online/testing/button.html

How can I align the send button with the other elements in the form?

I want to align the send button with the right hand side of the other elements in the form.
Any idea how to do this?
It's a Dubsado form embedded in a Showit site.

Trying to align button with other form elements

Hey I'm trying to align the send button along the right hand side edge of the other form input elements.
It's a Dubsado form emdedded in a Showit page.


Need help trying to change the send button to square edges and no border

Hey very new to all this. I'm trying to change the button on this form. It's a Dubsado form embedded into a Showit page.
I want it rectangle with sharp edges not rounded and no border. Dubsado does some control over the button.
It's on this page -



Looking for help with css for a button- hover/active/link/visited and aligning text in the button

I'm working on a wordpress website and am using a plugin to handle logging in/out on my home page. I have been working on the css for the button - but cannot get a few things to work. I'm trying to align the text in the button to the middle of the button and also have the button have the same look that it only appears to have when I hover (the brighter blue and white -- like the two lower buttons, which were created in a different plugin).

Here's my website address: http://www.cri-mms.com/newsite/

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