Wider line height of Breadcrumbs


I have experience with CSS (5 on scale of 10), but now I'm struggling with the height of the link in a breadcrumb.
When my articles are displayed on a smartphone, I can't get it right to make the space between a breadcrumb wider.
I have tried this code, but that only results in spacing above and below the breadcrumb.

.breadcrumb-container li {
line-height: 3em !important;

What code do I need to make this linktext a little wider? So only for the breadcrumbs, other links are fine.

Thank you,
Yolanda, NL

how do I make arrow buttons?

I'm looking for a way to accomplish arrow buttons, like in the breadcrumbs trail on this page:

I've made a breadcrumbs trail in a fiddle but haven't been able to figure the arrow part out:

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