CSS (Weebly) blog sidebar, content width, scrollbars - Help, please!

Hi, everyone! I am new here and new to CSS!

rss articles beyond margins body

Can anyone tell me what to adjust in my css in order to get the articles in the body and not beyond?

This is the URL:


Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Body with Padding for an App

I am trying to learn CSS and am building an app in HTML with no scrolling. I'm taking many tutorials on CSS but am having a problem that feels almost embarrassing. I have a blue background and a white rectangular body, and I want the white body to have even spacing on all sides. I only have a header and a body in the DOM. The CSS file is pulled in externally. Here is my CSS, this is the best I've gotten so far:

html, body{

Overflow Auto Does Not Activate Scroll on Body Tag

I have many iterations of this page, but none of them are working the way I would like.


Basically I want a vertical scroll to appear when the content goes beyond 100% of the screen height - the most ordinary of browser behaviors. I have tried setting "overflow: auto" for the body area, and it does not work. I have tried setting and unsetting heights for every element, and that does not work. I can get it to work with individual elements like divs, but not for the entire page/body.

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