Help needed with CSS elements for total Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I have some familiarity with HTML and CSS coding but I'm not sure how this works with elements.

I have a WordPress site with an animated table, the text in the table isn't legible as its not dark enough.

In the design platform I am given the option to add an element name so I can add custom CSS. I have named the element barchart.

I have then gone to add the CSS to the custom CSS section with an aim to set the body text of the Barchart to #4d4d4d.

can't centerize block element

hi friends,

can anybody please help me how to center block element

    i confess, downloaded below files on internet and made few amendments.


.horizontalcssmenu ul{
padding: 0;
list-style-type: none;
/*Top level list items*/
.horizontalcssmenu ul li{
position: relative;
display: inline;
float: left;
/*Top level menu link items style*/
.horizontalcssmenu ul li a{
display: block;
width: 120px; /*Width of top level menu link items*/
padding: 2px 8px;
border: 1px solid #202020;
border-left-width: 0;

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