Creating rollover image menu... Please help!

Hi there

Im trying to create a rollover image menu that basically has 3 images. One for inactive, one for hover and one for active link. Im currently in Dreamweaver CS4 and have tried using rollover image which doesnt seem to be an option. I have also tried changing the background position depending on status of the current div, such as, a:hover or a:active.
Im unable to get anywhere with these and would be thankful if someone could paste me a couple of lines in the right direction.


how to add shadow from a picture to a 80% wide container?

Hi everybody!

I have a 80% wide container and I want to add shadows (using images) on both sides. I could but I do not want to use the onionskin

and if the width of the container would be fixed in px the there would be no problems to do that but I want my site to be fluid.

is there a way to do it?

How to create a different mouseover bkgd for each menu list item?

Platform: WordPress

1) Create a different mouseover background for each menu list item.
2) Create said mouseover bkgd without adding an extra div or class. (This is because I want to design a theme that displays unique mouseover bkgd's out-of-the-box.)

The existing selectors I can style are:

<div id="page-nav" class="page-nav">
<ul class="menu sf-menu">
<li class="page_item">

I know there is the pseudo-class, :first-child, but this only works for the first list item. Apparently, there are not

borders don't full show w/background imags


I can't find any info about styling a div with borders when the div includes a background image.

I have a container div tag immediately following the body tag in the html that wraps all content.

I styled a 1 px solid gray border around this wrapping div yet it doesn't show up all around.. just across the top and a little down the sides. It appears as if the background images being used in divs that are within the container div are on-top and covering up the border.

I'm wondering how this is happening in both IE6/7, and FF.

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