Dropdown menu possibilites

I'm including some images, because describing it may be futile.

Simply, I'm trying to create a menu with dropdowns that use background images that are called when hovered over. The background images would be extensions of the main menu image (color palette).

site-1.jpg or http://csscreator.com/files/site-1.jpg
site-2.jpg or http://csscreator.com/files/site-2.jpg

Hi can you check my menu out for me?

Hi there, I have a weird problem with my menu - it seems to be creating off-centered text when the text string becomes longer than a certain limit.


Notice that the other buttons look fine; but 'Contact Us' is. There is too much code/too many style sheets that are linked to to post it all up (I had to get a third party plugin to add the menu where the old one was originally so it is adding more style sheets), but please "Inspect Elements" using Safari or Firefox Firebug or similar! Thanks Smile

CSS Background problem (seemingly different to other bg problems posted here)

Hi everyone

I've 'lurked' about here for a while, trying to solve a CSS problem I have. I wouldn't usually make a forum post on a problem unless I've tried EVERY other avenue (which I have!)..

Basically, I'm working on a site:


The problem seems to be twofold:

1) The footer 'cityscape' image (the building silhouettes) sometimes don't appear in the footer unless you refresh the page. This isn't the MAJOR issue though

Background images divs aren't loading from external style sheet

Sort of new to this CSS stuff. I've checked my images locations, etc. - oddly, the background images show up in Dreamweaver's "Design Mode" but not in "Live Mode" or in a browser preview. Same thing when I uploaded my site. I've been pulling my hair out trying to solve this.

Here's my code:

Online Portfolio of Kim Rose

Background Image Spanning width of Browser

Hi, i'm quite new to CSS but feel fairly comfortable with most subjects, however one thing is driving me crazy as i simply can't figure out how to do it elegantly.

I would like to be able to have certain background colours/images repeat outside of their container and across the width of the browser.

I can do this with a background color/image in the main body css, but that only applies to one image/colour.

A good example is: http://www.justalab.com/index.html

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