Could this be a new wrinkle on the "100% height not working" front?

Hi there CSS wizards!

This is a weird one. Really!

I've added a red outline to my HTML tag to better see what's going on, and what's happening is:

- At a browser-window height where all content is visible, all is well. Red line indicates "HTML" goes right to the bottom. Background tree goes right to the bottom. There is a scrollbar that doesn't "quite" disappear, but that's OK (though perhaps a clue to what's wrong in the next step?)

- If I shorten the browser window enough that i have to scroll down to see the lower half, when i reach the bottom, the background tree is cut off. The shorter I make the window, the more pronounced the effect. The red line seems to indicate the "HTML" element is getting shorter, but the DIV containing the background tree seems the only thing affected.

I ran the page through validation, and the only errors related to items that seem unrelated. And none of the standard DOCTYPES seem to have any effect.

Here's the page HTML:

Ipad background

I've created a site with a full screen background:


Unfortunately, it does not display well on ipad, can anyone give me any pointers as to what I've done wrong? I want the background to remain as it currently views on desktop in the event of a recode.

Thanks in advance


Problem with background image repeat

I have an image which has a 20*20 resolution(have attached it), and when i try to repeat it i am getting lines any solution for this guys?? just to be clear i am attaching the screen of the lines i am talking about

thank you in advance Smile

Images not displaying in IE

Hello there,

Background images not displaying in page

Hello everybody!

I'm working on an 4 project in which I'm using a jquery plugin for displayig bubble popups on mouse over on certain elements. I started facing a problem with the borders of the plugin not displaying, and now after a while trying to figure what was wrong, I've narrowed the issue to the background images that are set as inline styles on the border elements not being displayed.
I tried somethning more simple like,

<span style="background-image:url(top-left.jpg);">testing</span>

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