Links Don't Work with Absolute Positioned Background Image

I have a site where I have an absolute positioned background .png image of vines positioned over a repeating background image so that the pages will extend properly with the content. However, any links that appear over the vines.png image don't work. My client really wants the .png image so does anyone know how I can code the CSS so the links work?

The Container division contains the basic repeating image for the pages (middle.jpg). The Vines division is for the vines.png image that is causing the problem. The actual vines.png image is listed in each page.

div#container {

CSS background images + template not working


First off, I apologise, because I know I'm supposed to print my code, but I built my site in Dreamweaver, using the wysiwyg designer, so I'm not so sure how to go about getting the code. I also tried to read the doctypes link from the stickies, but I got an error message. Sorry!

I created my site in DW CS4, and have never used CSS before, so it's very very new to me.
I need to get the site I am working on, online, asap, so I'm starting to stress big time.

The address is

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