Faux Columns and /images/bg_birch_800.gif?


I read the article on faux columns and I am excited to start to use the concept but I am not sure where to get bg_birch-800.gif type images to use as the background.

I have seen many examples of like:

url("/img/bg_hdr_jpg") repeat x 0 0;

and I am not sure whether one has to create the img and where is it stored?

Any help or pointers on where I can do some more research would be appreciated.



How to put an image on top of a rectangle


Am not sure...actually am quite sure the way i worded the question isnt right. I need to know how to do the little blue thingy where you can read "New Releases on Store" on this site: http://www.blockbuster.com/games

I think its an image, but i cant get a definitive image inspecting the code. Can someone please walk me thu it?

Changing image background with multiple rollovers

Hi there! There is probably a very basic solution to this with CSS but I'm having trouble finding one. I have some basic HTML/CSS experience but this turned out to be too complicated for me.

I want the frontpage of my portfolio site to be just this simple image below - each corner will have a link to the different sections of the site (so, left section is photos, bottom section is blog, etc).

Dropdown menu possibilites

I'm including some images, because describing it may be futile.

Simply, I'm trying to create a menu with dropdowns that use background images that are called when hovered over. The background images would be extensions of the main menu image (color palette).

site-1.jpg or http://csscreator.com/files/site-1.jpg
site-2.jpg or http://csscreator.com/files/site-2.jpg

background image does exist, but not showing up

I have an array of images, when the user clicks an image, the form gets submited.

the problem is I am able to see a block (where the image lies) and on submission the selected file name appears (in the attachment, i have selected 2806.gif, and it is shown on top. but as u can see the image is just a block.

thanks in advance.


input.submit1 {border:0;text-indent:-999em;line-height:3000;height: 15px;width: 15px;margin-right:5px;}
.response {float: left;width: 100px;}

 For i=1 To UBound(fname2)

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