Should I put size for <div>?

Should I put a size in a div or just leave it out?
I have always used tables. I'm not the strongest coder. My strength has always been in the graphic realm of things. But I do code somewhat. It's just not my strong point.
Thanks for your help.

css paragraph width resizing

Hi, I'm just in the process of converting my table based website to css. I haven't yet got rid of the superstructure, 3rows by 3 cols, with all my content in the centre cell (surrounded by cells for an image border and image corners).

Keeping row height constant when individual columns expand

I'm trying to replicate what I had in html tables with css div. The final (I hope) problem is that as I populate cells with data retrieved from a MySQL data base there are columns that want to expand beyond the default height. When that happens, that cell overlaps the next row. If I use min-height, the cell alignment goes haywire because other cells are below the minimum. The workaround is to increase the default height, but that doesn't make me love divs. Is there a solution to this?

Here's my code (stripped down--there's a lot more to the application--and sanitized for anonymity).

Layout help - 2 images and text

Hi there, I am trying to create in html and css a layout exactly the same as what I have included ( example.jpg)


I beleive the best way to have this would be to have


I would like to ahve Div's inside Div's, would this be the best way ?

I ahve included my html code so far and my css.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you Smile


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