Auto-resize a <div> image when there is a second <div> inside the main <div> wrapper

I have a .well.carousel and inside that I have two , one is the image and the other is the title text. I managed to auto-resize the image, but when I reduce the height of my well.carousel then the title text falls out of the .well.carousel. How do I get the image to resize such that the title text also stays enclosed within .well.carousel when my height is 150px (see Fiddle)????

Nested menu, not auto width


I have this nested menu, where everything works fine expect from the third hierarchy level.

I have the code and the result here:

If you hover the menu: "PRODUKTER" and then "PRIVAT", you see the problem with the width is not "auto".
I am really stuck here, and I have tried a lot of variations.
Can you find out why it doesn't work as I want?

Thanks in advance

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