Getting text vertically centred in an <ul>/<li>/<a> tag

I am having trouble trying to figure this out. I have tried vertical-align:center and padding-top:9px, but the first just doesnt work (in any tags), and the padding just ADDS the padding on top of the background image there already.
All I want is the text to be in the middle of the bar.


Internal Link re positions the page. How can I make it static

I was makeing tab navigator when I got into a problem when we link to an internal link on the same page my page is getting positioned in way were that link is the top. I would prefer it not to move when I call the link.

I already tried

and but It does not help is there anything in css we can use to fix this.

you can see an example on

any help will be great thanks

Class not applying to multiple elements in Firefox

Hey, I'm creating a website for the first time since frames and tables went out of fashion, and am using CSS to style my html.

I am running into a funny browser compatibility problem that I haven't been able to find an answer to online:

In my style sheet, I made a psuedo-class to use on links that I wanted to look different from the others on the site:

a.s:link {
 font-size: .8em;

I then apply it like this:

<a class="s" href="url.html">LINK</a>

a:link not working correctly.....???

I'm having trouble getting a:link to work. The strange thing is I uploaded the exact same HTML page to another website I host and own, and the a:link works fine on that website.

My a:hover is working fine, but with a:link I'm still getting the underline under my links and the color is the default link color...

I'm pulling out my hair trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Can a:hover activate unique div styling?


Thanks in advance for any assistance. I have 6 images that also serve as links. Each image is absolutely positioned over its own styled div. Each styled div has a number of styled divs within it.

Is it possible to affect the style of those divs by rolling a cursor over the links? In other words, is there a way to make the css properties for those divs change by activating the a:hover of the links mentioned?

Thanks again,
Benjamin Gray

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