Difficulties with two div containers embedded inside another div

Hello I have some tags you will not recognize in html, however, it does work when I load it from my editor/processor (the tags that seem foreign). My main problem is that I have a div called wrap containing both menu and content divs. These divs has classes called panel and panel content (menu has panel content/content has no content class associated with it.) My main problem is that I cannot get the div called content to appear in the correct position when juxtaposed with menu. The only thing I can do to make it display properly is to put an absolute tag on it.

How can I achieve a horizontal menu like this?


How would I achieve a horizontal menu like the one shown here?

Could I achieve this using a unordered list? Floated DIVs?

Any help would be much appreciated Smile

Problem Aligning DIVs

Hi, I am have a CMS site and I am having problems with aligning DIVs. The main content is starting bellow the two boxes to the right of it. I want it to align right under the menu bar so that everything is aligned. I am kind of new to css and I have been trying to figure this out all day and searching all over the internet but nothing works.

| Header |
| menu bar |
| left | | bx1 | ad |

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