Image inside a div doesn’t work using DOCTYPE declaration

I am trying to show images inside two divs.

It works if I don’t use the DOCTYPE declaration ( ) but if I use DOCTYPE declaration doesn’t work (, only it is showed the image of the second div. For other purposes I need the DOCTYPE declaration so how can I show both images using DOCTYPE declaration? Thank you very much for your help!!!

This is the code:

div within div not quite working ...


I am trying to get all my divs inside 1 main one ( .pepe ), but it is not working properly. I am basically having problems with the .pepe part as I want all the others to fit inside that main div. I know this is simple but I am still struggling. Any help would be appreciated.

Css positioning for more than on page

HI all,
I am new to css and i know only the basics of css. I have designed a page such that it will include two other pages which i want to align it to left and right i.e a container which contains the (descp say the first page) in the left and other information on the right and i want the positions to be fixed . If i use the position as fixed the two pages overlap on left by using the float element in both id as left and right resp. If i use the position as relative in that case it works but when i re-size the browser it overlaps . please help me out guys thanks in advance

How do i center this Div?

Hi, I'm new to CSS and have a question i cant find the answer to. This is rough mockup of a page I working on as an assignment for a course I'm taking, so there are restrictions: I can't use any tables or “position” on any part of the code. What I'm trying to do is to make a page where the header, top navigation and footer will stretch or shrink with resolution but the content inside the “main” div will stay in the center of the page. The “main” div of the actual page will contain some other div's with some simple ul lists and small pictures.

PLEASE Help me with my TUMBLR layout.

I have been working on this for days. I'm usually pretty good but this one problem is eating at me.

Basically I'd like my "notes" DIV which shows how many -likes- a post has received as well as how long ago it was posted to appear at the bottom right corner of each post like so :

Now. The problem is that it simply will not do this. I feel like I've tried everything.

If you go to my main blog page :

You'll see from the very first post that "notes" DIV is not placed correctly.


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