how get div to surround chart created with absolute elements?

I have a page which displays a genealogical pedigree chart. It uses absolutely positioned boxes for people and for the lines that connect the boxes.

The page works fine, but I want to use it in a different context -- I want to include it inside surrounding content for a presentation.

Is there some way to create a div to surround this content?

The code for the page is large, so I won't post it here, but the CSS is below

Child element makes parent go up

I would appreciate your help very much. I know that this topic has been discussed before but I haven´t found any answer to my problem. I have a header in a page (a black div) with the navegation links. It looks like this:

website header

As you can see the 'More' link, which is connected to other 3 links (drop-down menu), is displaced. The child element in this case, makes the parent go up. And I don´t understand why.
This is the structure of the html:

<div class="top">

Problem css position and resizing page


I am currently redesigning my homepage. Now I want to make the navigation bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now I am known with the existing properties in CSS for positioning (:absolute, :relative etc).

However trying out with this properties doesn't give me the desired result I want:
The DIV should stay in place (most bottom-right), when I resize my window.
This to make sure people use the site in fullscreen view.
Can anyone help me with this?



z-index doesn't work ??


		<div id="wrapper">
			<div id="box1">
			<div id="box2">


When do we use position: absolute ?

If you take a look a Pinterest ( ), every block of the page is positioned absolutely.
I'm asking this because I wanted to know if there is another way of doing it, and if so, why they chose to use position:absolute.


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