Auto-resize a <div> image when there is a second <div> inside the main <div> wrapper

I have a .well.carousel and inside that I have two , one is the image and the other is the title text. I managed to auto-resize the image, but when I reduce the height of my well.carousel then the title text falls out of the .well.carousel. How do I get the image to resize such that the title text also stays enclosed within .well.carousel when my height is 150px (see Fiddle)????

100% Height in CSS with background image

Hi, I make a layout with css creator, with 3 columns e without header and footer.

I read the page

Now my problem is that i put i background image in the 3 columns but i see only a litte part of the image.

This i the part of css for the left column.

#left {
  float: left;
  display: inline;
  width: 200px; /*** Left Column Width ***/
  margin-left: -200px; /*** NEGATIVE Left Column Width ***/
  position: relative;
  /* my */
  background-image: url(./images/Menu_SX.jpg); 
  display: block;

where I wrong?



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