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We've decided to go the route of css2 postioning all the way. I'm using a three column layout and having a hard time getting the right and left cols to expand to the height of the container (even if the content of each column is short).

I know this is a bugger for IE -- but is there a hack out there - even an inelegant one that can trick IE into displaying all three cols equally?

for refs see http://www.ohiodems.org and http://www.wyomingdemocrats.com

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Hi koaxfrax,
There are a few css layout that do what you want, Big John has a good Three column equal height demo

Alist apart also have a good article Faux columns

You could also try out the CSS Layout Generator, but as it looks like you have got most of the site designed I would try to emulate full length columns with background images like the article above.

Hope that helps