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Hello all css experts around here,
I'm trying to convert an old table-based site to css, what I need is:
- to have a 3-col layout with header and footer
- 100% width of the page
- independent position in html (ie. col2, col1, col3 in source seen as col1, col2, col3 in browser)
I've been struggling with this for quite a long time and came out with

It works great in firefox and opera, but internet explorer 6 sometimes mysteriously completely breaks everything showing the centre column on the very top-left of the page, not showing navigation at all etc. What makes the bug so mysterious is, that if you hit reload a few times, it might dissapear (if the page looks ok, try to hit reload a few times and the bug suddenly appears).

Thanks for any suggestions.

PS.: The pages are incomplete yet with some other minor or easy-to-fix bugs as I want to fix that first.