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Hey, my first post here so hello everyone o/
I recently started learning XHTML and proper CSS use, was harsh but now I see how cool the whole idea is, how logical it all works, though I have problems


There are three problems for me:

  • the biggest and weirdest - every time i refresh the page, div's in news and login box are placed in other way O_o as if that wasn't enough, I get some kind of white box showing up for a sec, hiding, showing up again and hiding - this happens only in Firefox (but I checked it only with FF and IE (oh and IE ver ain't ready yet anyway, so don't bother about that pls =) )
  • The other problem is space below div's in news content and login box - I tried padding, margin - no change I think it's about my wrong use of float in div's - I still can't handle conteners and div's well, templates I've seen don't have such problems =/
  • Finally, the smallest bug - see the column on the right - it's got background till the footer, but the way I achieved it doesn't satisfy me - the main div with news + menu on left has light grey background AND the one containing it all has darker gray - i don't want _main_ div have the bg, I want menu on right to be stretched till the end of contener

I've spend a lot of time on searching any tips, but everything I tried didn't really work.
Sorry if I'm putting this in wrong forum, it's almost finished template tho Tongue

Cheers for any help \o/

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Problems with almost finished site

Are you sure thats the right link as all I am getting is the following text

Nie znaleziono takiej strony

which as far as i can tell is polish


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