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Hi everyone,

I am a completely new member to this forum Smile I have been troubled by a float problem for some time now. I have a floating div which contains a thumbnail pic and some text. On some browsers, (ex. Firefox), I sometimes notice the div to be floating wrongly on top of the text. This is corrected by one click of browser refresh. Still this annoying detail pops up at times.

Visually the wrong float (left picture) looks like:

Visually the right float (left picture) looks like:

I have validated both my XHTML and CSS.

the site is at: http://www.retkiremmi.net/itavalta05/itavalta05.html
the CSS is at: http://www.retkiremmi.net/tyylit_new.css

Can anyone please help me get rid of this annoying problem?

Best regards,

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A problem with floating a div containing a picture+text

Sorry, was unable to replicate. This type of rendering error is often a result of having to redraw the page after the images are downloaded because the width and height attributes did not have values.

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