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only thing thats left waiting is the content for the home page and the products etc. for the osCommerce install

(oscommerce integration is a little off - but thats plenty fine hehehhe)

also, if you view the source and see hideously laid out code in the content div its because of the WYSIWYG editor the client asked for - plus a flat-file content management system i had to throw together for a few clients.

this is also my first full-css site (which im pretty darn proud of, to say the least) - so go easy on me gurus Smile ... if theres any Mac users out there i'd love to hear your feedback as I havent done any cross-platform testing *bad thoughts run through head just as i said that*

fingers crossed

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Just about ready to go live

Layout & code look good. Just a couple of things I'd mention:
Your heading graphics on each page look fuzzy/pixelated.
The links contained within the content don't stand out very well.
The deer in the header graphic could be blended a bit more with the background.

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