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Please check out my weblog and its stylesheet:


The site is supposed to have two columns: a narrow sidebar on the left, and a wider content bar on the right.

On IE for Windows, any content that is too wide for the right-hand box (i.e. preformatted text marked up with <code> or <pre>, large images, etc.) causes the box to expand to the left, making the left-hand sidebar disappear to the bottom.

Everything looks better in Gecko-based browsers (i.e. Mozilla, the newer Netscapes) and Safari for the Mac. The left-hand sidebar stays, and any content which overflows on the right-hand side just shuffles off to the right (ugly, but leaves the site more or less intact at first glance).

Since this is a weblog, the front page may change before you look at this post, and the preformatted text which is causing the issue may shuffle off the bottom of the page. If the URI I gave up at the top of the post suddenly looks fine in IE, then try the following archive URIs which exhibit the differences:

Screws up in IE, but not in Mozilla or Safari:

Should look correct in both IE, Mozilla, Safari:

Thank you!

Scott Parkerson

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Help: box overflows on IE 5/6, nowhere else...

Its a bug in IE - you just have to make sure that nothing pushes against the edge of the box.

Don't think that there is another solution.


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