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Just wanted to do a site check for a new CSS Gallery site. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Also please submit your designs for display in the gallery.

Link: http://www.cssimport.com

Thank you.

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Site check | Please submit your CSS website here

I don't exactly get what it does . . .

Nice design though Laughing out loud

Don't like the 72 logo though . .. that was just silly.

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  • CSS doesn't make pies

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Site check | Please submit your CSS website here

It's meant to be a site similar to CSS Beauty, CSS Vault, etc. but without all the fluff. I will be upgrading the site to allow comments and news items soon.

Does anyone know a good commenting system out there like the one on stylegala or cssbeauty?


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Site check | Please submit your CSS website here

Thanks for your invitation to view your site. Overall, I feel it's a winner. I like the look.

I'd like to make a few comments and, if you'll indulge, ask a few questions.

I like your choice of natural shades of green, including the hover highlights. This is cool and inviting to the eyes. Probably because green is a predominant color in nature.

Q. Why did you choose to set "Advertise" over there===> and subdue it's white compared to the other menu items?

I like the CssImport and June 2005 texts. Mostly because I can see them easily. Other text, however, is tinytiny

Q. Why is the date the biggest text on your page?

After viewing literally hundreds of sites in the past month, I'm beginning to wonder whether a good many website folks are forgetting that a great many other folks in the World might have to put on their reading glasses to see the "stuff" of which websites are made.

Q. How do you feel about this?

The name of the website is "cssimport" and the top logo image is "cssimport", yet the copyright text at the bottom is inconsistently "css (space) import".

Q. Why is that?

Q. What's a "508"?

I see alot of copyright text on the bottom of alot of websites.

Q. (Out of ignorance mostly) does this mean that for each page you produce, you file a copyright document of some kind with a legal authority? Or does one legal document cover all your stuff forever?

Most folks put their "google-ad-stuff" at the bottom (which I think is good because it keeps the "filet mignon" on top).

Q. Why did you choose to put ads (in prime real-estate) at the top?

I like it when your page appears in the middle of my screen. Most of the folks you're featuring do that too. But some don't. Like the cornfield "File Me Away" one; which I was attracted to (being in INdiana and all) but was, frankly, disappointed when it displayed the way it did.

Q. When you "feature" a site on your page, how do you approach your featured guest in terms of insisting their presentation is centered across physical devices and/or settings?

I see a bunch of "Coming Soon!" at the bottom. In contrast, a "Your Site Belongs Here" might work better. Just a thought...

Q. How do you feel about image #1, uppermost left, being dedicated to "Coming Soon!" or "Your Site Here"?

Q. Why is James Mathias empty?

Q. Why is "no frills" not hyphenated?

Q. What does "local" gallery represent? Unless you're planning on a non-local gallery, what does it mean? I'd toss it as it wastes valuable real-estate.


I like this help page. It addresses your css-audience well. I arbitrarily chose the "NS4 CSS layouts" article to view. I didn't see anything about 65+ folks though; and the first link I clicked (Mark Howells’ excellent collection of tips) was broken.

Q. As a manager of a website that points at other websites that point at other websites, how do you manage all these links so that broken-ones might not reflect poorly on your having directed folks there?

Do you implement a timely ritual of checking what you recommend?

"Brainjar A great site for those trying to get there head" should be "their heads".

Finally, on the Resources page, I'd like to see a Glossary of Commonly-Used terms. Imagine a new person coming there and seeing "Hack". I believe it means "Workaround". Is that right?

I believe the page is valuable, but for the newbie - some of these terms are like Martian. I've been in IT 25-years and, still, am befuddled by the lexicon employed by this "community of web-type-folks". So, a Glossary (or a pointer to a Glossary of Terms) would be super.

For example, I hadn't seen "CSS|P" before. As opposed to what? Perhaps the site assumes some intermediate level of knowledge already. Acronyms are sprinkled throughout (IE, JS, CSS2, BG, WIN, NS4). That's not helpful.

Overall, I like this site. And I like looking at the featured sites. As an index to them, I believe it's a nice effort.

Thanks for listening. I'm feeling like I'm Andy Rooney )

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