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~ I've been trying to get text to align to the top, or near the top, of an image. The image is a block header/title and the text doesn't look right where it's at. I'd like to move it higher within the image. Is it possible to do this and what is the proper format to adjust it?

~ Here's a pic of the block:

~ Here is the .css section which refers to the font I'm using:
.gensmall3{font-size: 9px;font-weight:bold; color: #f8f8f8}

~ Here is the section of code for the top of the block and the text:

<!-- BEGIN title -->
<td><img name="tlc" src="templates/wip2/images/tlc.gif" WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=26 border="0" alt=""></td>
<td width="100%" background="templates/wip2/images/tm.gif"><img name="tm" src="templates/wip2/images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt=""><span class="gensmall3" ><center>{header_blocks_row.title.TITLE}</center></span></td>
<td><img name="trc" src="templates/wip2/images/trc.gif" WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=26 border="0" alt=""></td>
<!-- END title -->

~ This part of the above code refers to the text:
<span class="gensmall3"><center>{header_blocks_row.title.TITLE}</center></span>

~ I'm going a little nutty trying to figure this one out so any help would be greatly appreciated.

~ You can use my www link below to reach my site. You'll have to use the style switcher to change the site style to wip2 in order to view the actual style.