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I have to make a site for a college project. I have to include images, a sound file, a video file and links both relative and absolute.
I am also supposed to use tables Evil and frames :roll: .

OK - so I made a site - not all content in there yet - but frames on ONE page only (just to show I can do it! - the page is "Art") and a table (displaying tabular data as it should do!)

Please take a look and comment on navigation and css, please. I have to write an evaluation of the navigation so your feedback will be very useful to me.

I also tried to put a video file on the homepage, but it's 2.9meg and d/l is only 5kps - so I shouldn't worry about that. (I can't get the embedded player to show up in anything other than IE6 though, any ideas?)

The site is Czechbook


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Please take a look

Like it, nice and simple and easy to use. And looks good.

Was quite suprised when more popped out under Prague - maybe some way of pointing out there's more here than meets the eye? Like the Explorer-style '+' boxes... but only like that, not necessarially a '+' box!

Only other tip - don't embed movies on the main page! Dialup people who don't realise they can stop the thing from downloading won't appreciate it much... Laughing out loud

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