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I rebuilt our Library web site last year with MOSTLY CSS, but cheated on the overall layout and used tables. Things are slowing down and I'm TRYING to rebuild the layout with pure CSS. Some pages have just a main column, most have a left column, some even have a right column. A header and footer stretch across on all pages. So far I'm REEEEEALLY close:

2 column page:

3 column page:

(Some of the content on these pages might seem a little off just because I'm screwing with the layout styles and not worrying about content styles)

I've got it looking GREAT in IE starting with code generated by the page layout builder here at CSS Forum. PHP code determines if there are 1, 2 or 3 columns to a page, and then pulls in the appropriate CSS. I'm having the following problems:

- In Firefox, I can't get the side column background colors to extend all the way down to the footer.

- Sometimes when resizing the window in IE (taking it from maximized mode), the left column content moves so that it's flush left with the middle column content, and nothing's in the left column until you hit refresh.

Any suggestions?