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Hi gang, I'm not going to win any design awards for this site, but I put this together to sell my Jeep. I'm going to sell it through our local paper but include this site address so that they can take a better look. I've tested it in IE6 and FF, but nothing else. If you're running something else, could you let me know how it looks? Thanks in advance.

Wanna buy my Jeep?

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Browser check please

Hi EOBeav

I use Opera7 as one of my browsers and it looks exactly as in FF1. A few minor points, if I may:

- Add some footer padding such that the features div is detached from the bottom of the screen.
- The CSS validator button in Op has a text-decoration which you may want to remove.
- For FF you may need to say img { border: 0 }
- The division boxtop could do with an additional pixel of padding at the top and bottom, such that the word Features looks more spacious.

Overall nice one!

Hope this helps