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sorry, i posted this same topic in the beginners section, it should probably go here. this is my first time using css, so please let me know if the codes for these pages are correct. is it necessary for me to use <div>?


also, is there a link for text and image effects tutorials?

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check my code


The first thing that is evident is that you have no Doc Type (DTD) and have no 'title' tag, your CSS is all embedded which in it's self is ok but looses one of the major benefits of linking your sheets.

Your third link is just plain wrong look at the html you haven't correctly closed the head tag and have no structure to the layout as such which I guess is why you ask whether you should use divs.

This isn't really ready for a site check and if definite questions were asked would be better off in the beginners section.

It would pay for you to do some learning at this stage; check out the 'How To' section for info on Doc Types and I would have a search around for tuts on html document layout, CSS box model / flow and positioning.

I'll delete the duplicate post in beginners .


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