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Joseph Sprint
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Did you know that two of the biggest sites on earth don't have Doctypes.

Ebay and Google.

Two questions.



What do you think about that Pineapplehead?

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Where's the Doctype?

By most standards they are pretty crappy sites too, but they do work in all browsers. For them its all about content and bandwidth. ~100 odd extra bytes per hit on their sites will be pretty expensive.

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Where's the Doctype?

Can't believe it is a case of bandwidth conservation. Sites with external CSS actually conserve bandwidth but Google's CSS is embedded. I did some Googling around the question and was able to turn up a petition but no good explanation as to why they are not standards compliant. If you have used Google Maps it is some of the coolest web technology on the planet but is not compliant.

My guess is that they don't *need* it because they have a very basic layout that renders just fine in quirks mode. This is going to be an interesting thread, thanks for starting it.


David Elliott

Before you ask

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Where's the Doctype?

What do I think, eh?

Well, originally it was about bandwidth, and the need to create as small a page as possible.

Then I thought - they probably just don't care.

Because, being honest, how many people that use google look at the code and notice the missing doctype? Probably about 1% of the people using it.
How many people think . . . "Hmmmm, this hasn't got a DTD, therefore it won't render exactly the same in IE, Firefox, Lynx, Safari, whatever'.

They just don't care. It;s such a simple site, a doctype seems unnecessary.

Verschwindende wrote:
  • CSS doesn't make pies

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Where's the Doctype?

Interesting thread Joseph and equally interesting petition David. is it possible that they just don't care?


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Where's the Doctype?

I think that most realise these sites and many others don't have Doc Types in fact the question has been raised and discussed before here.

One makes the assumption that the subject of 'Standards' is important to everyone, well it isn't and is still a area of arcane depths to most.

There sites work, they clearly see no good reason to start changing things yet and the process of changing a site like ebay would probably be quite a challenge as for Google It always surprises me slightly that they haven't got on board but they are a unique entity and will probably
come round to it when it suites them.


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