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Dear all

For a year now Lufthansa has webservers in service on board (http://portal.lufthansa.com/online/portal/LH_COM and search for FlyNet). Though congratulations on their premier are in place, the tardiness of delivering this service to all passengers regardless of class is the one thing that I have not been able to understand. Passengers just had to make do with credit card billed phones to stay connected. I have heard of other carriers following suit.

But soon enough passengers will feel empowered enough to start emailing, testing websites, Skyping (http://www.skype.com) or even play online games with or against co-passengers.

In fact, this is my scenario: with ever increasing reality-levels and proliferation of games on the market, we might even see planes playing against each other, say soccer. Two planes, one taking off from Munich and another from Madrid approximately at the same time, landing in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro respectively, will be filled with the cheers and excitement that the game brings along, bringing new meaning to the term mile-high club.


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Serving the community in the air

You definetly posted in the right place you geek Laughing out loud

I'm still in geek denial.

I love anime and I wish I was Japanese. :?

Eeerm ?