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Hello all,

We are currently developing multiple applications after successfully completely our pilot project app. In the pilot project, are body font-family looked like :

Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size 78%

Then in our new application it was modified to just be

Tahoma font-size 78%

So, we got a complaint from our user group saying the fonts looked different. At a naked eye look I really could tell. We ended up doing some screen captures and pasting the identical text from 2 different apps into paint and then zooming them to 800% and putting them on a grid. Voila, in fact the fonts were slightly different. The "W" on the old app had nice pointy bottoms, but on the new app they were kind of rounded and not as crisp. Same thing with the points of 'A'.

So, I ended up copying the font-family list from the old app to the new app and all the problems went away. So clearly I don't understand font-families as well as I thought. To me, if Tahoma is available then it would be used and so everything should look identical. Since I was running both apps on the same machine it can't be that the font didn't exist I wouldn't think.

So, one theory we came up with is that maybe 78% Tahoma can't be rendered perfectly, so the browser was using a Arial or Helvtia equivalent in the old app, but in the new app it was just trying to make it look right?

Any ideas on this one?

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Font-Family differences a possibilty for problem?

did you check them against the other fonts you had listed to see if you could identify whether a different font was in fact being used. Why not remove the Tahoma and see if there is any difference.

Anyway I think the same as you about how fonts work, and agree with your theory.

Does not help much, but do think that the first thing to do is identify the font. Gives you a hint on what you are looking for.


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