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So far I have found a lot of answers here for my site (unfortunately I am not yet wise enough to provide answers, but I keep trying Laughing out loud ), but I could not find a solution for this one:

I made in my page an object (within a div) and now I would like to be able to open from that page defferent pages into that object. (Does anyone understand what i mean???)

kind of like this page: (only in Dutch, I'm sorry)
the site navigation is on the left, the "page navigation" is on the right side. I have a lot of picture from contests, I would like to have seperate pages, with thumbnail pictures in the right-side-navigation, and when clicking on those the picture should open in the object I have made in the "body/text field".

Making the navigation for the page I mentioned already took a hell of a lot of time, but with all the pictures I have I really don't want to get stuck with the same amount of work.

Is there any way to get rid of the border-lines for the object?

open window, throw computer out, close window, problem solved!