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Hi everyone.. Im new here.. just wondering id someone would be able to check my coding on my site..


thanx Smile

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Site check..

Hi meyssy,
The site looks good, it's different.
Was there anything in particular you were worried about?

I could go on about using frames or about validating the markup but that may not be very helpful.

Have you thought of trying a similar design without frames, possibly use a div or iframe.
I remember Sven posted an example of a scrollable div many moons ago that might be worth looking at.

Hope that helps

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Site check..

Heres a basic example of using a div to get the same affect as an iframe.

Put this in your CSS file :

#divname {
	width: 200px;
	height: 300px;
	border: 1px solid #000;
	padding: 10px;

and this in your code :

<div id="divname" style="overflow: auto;"> 
	(put lots of content here to see the scroll bar working)	

Now if you want it truly like an iframe, where the content is in a separate file. Use server side includes.. a basic implementation is super easy.

Instead of typing the content in that div, put this line:

<!--#include file="content.txt" -->

Then just put the code in content.txt
(i usually just call it .txt, it can be whatever you like)

Also make sure to rename your file to .shtml so it will handle the server side includes (your server also has to support it)

Did I explain that ok Tony? Smile it's my first time at really explaining something on here hehe