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I've spent hours, days, weeks CSS ing my site and oh yes, it now looks crap in firefox. Since its a virtual CV and folio and the world allegedly 80% of it still uses IE, a colleague suggested i test it in IE as I go along and then tweak it for Firefox.

When I go to validate it cant find a doctype and a whole bunch of stuff. I've read articles and have plugged away at understanding all this CSS stuff, but obviously not enough. I dont get where this comes from when i view source after in dreamweaver all my code and stuff is there?

<meta name="KEYWORDS" content="event design concept props ideas styling fashion film theatre parties">
<meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="design events props art direction">
<title>design styling and dressing</title>
<frameset rows="100%,*" border="0" frameborder="0" framespacing="0">
<frame name="uniframe1" src="http://discovolante.ugtech.net" border="0" noresize>
<frame name="uniframe2" src="about:blank" border="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" noresize>
<h1>design styling and dressing</h1>

design events props art direction<br><br>
<a href="http://discovolante.ugtech.net">Click here to continue</a>

like what happened to all my divs and stuff? what the hell is that uniframes stuff?

it's baffling me!

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&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN&quo

Its a frameset. Your main page will be loaded into one of the frames. currently one frame is set to load nothing (about:blank) and the other the default page from a site (http://discovolante.ugtech.net). In Firefox place the mouse over one of the frames and right click, one of the context options will be "this frame" or similar, and one of the options in that submenu will be view frame source.

Although, the majority of people still use IE, it is better to develop using Firefox and then to tweak for IE. The work is less that way and Firefox has much better aids to help a developer.

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&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN&quo

ike what happened to all my divs and stuff?

They're here:
<frame name="uniframe1" >>>src="http://discovolante.ugtech.net"<<< border="0" noresize>

Your pages are being served in a frameset, probably some sort of url redirect/forwarding, you need to look at the sever setup your using and perhaps google around for framesets and url redirecting for a better understanding of what's occurring here.

The reason the page doesn't validate is the validator is valadating the frameset that is pulling in your actual page and which does not have a DTD itself.

Your colleague couldn't have given you worse advise, DO NOT code for IE then check in FF this is not the way to code. You code for the browser that follows the CSS specs closest then clear up any problems in other browsers, you will find far fewer errors this way as if it works in correctly in compliant browsers you are assured that you have valid code.


P.S I must say that this question does not have a great deal to do with CSS Wink

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&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC &quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN&quo

a colleague suggested i test it in IE as I go along and then tweak it for Firefox.

](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

When I go to validate it cant find a doctype

Do you think that's because you haven't given it one?

Follow the link in Hugo's signature to find the doctype for the frames page. You'll have to use the 4.01 frameset one, as the frame is deprecated in xhtml.

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